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SkinnyWeek.com Thought for the Week
Do you have a CAN-DO attitude? May 8, 2006 cblessum on 1/30/2007
Don't focus on what you think you CAN'T do, focus on what you CAN DO!

I CAN write in my Quick Tracker

I CAN have 5 fruits & veggies today

I CAN pay attention to portion sizes

I CAN stock my kitchen with low point foods

I CAN focus on other signs of weight loss success, other than the nunber on the scale

I CAN drink 6 glasses of water

I CAN identify a behavior I would like to change

I CAN get right back on track

I CAN try a new food today

I CAN believe that I'm capable of achieving my goals

I CAN have an "I can do it" attitude

I CAN eat within my daily point range today

I CAN enjoy the journey, not just the destination

I CAN stop eating when I feel satisfied

I CAN eat all of my favorite food - there are NO forbidden foods

I CAN do 20 minutes of activity today

I CAN balance my points around all the good groups

I CAN try a new recipe

I CAN focus on my weight loss successes

I CAN turn negative thoughts into "Positive Self-talk"

I CAN re-read my week 1 materials

I CAN pay attention to the difference between emotional and physical hunger

I CAN give myself a compliment

I CAN reward myself with a non-food treat

I CAN plan a meal or snack for today

I CAN feel in control

I CAN become a healthier, thinner person

I CAN practice mindful eating

I CAN use feeback from the scale positively