Køb fodboldtrøjer til mænd billige fodboldtrøjer børn, kvinder og børn til fans og alumner på nfl trøjer University of North Carolina Shop. Den officielle Basket trøjer har et massivt udvalg af North Carolina Football Uniforms, herunder replika, twillet og autentisk Tar Heel billige fodboldtrøjer! Soccer Dome tilbyder tre indendørs 3 generations kunstgræs baseball trøje pitches for dig og dit team til leje.
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SkinnyWeek.com Thought for the Week
Do you have a CAN-DO attitude? May 8, 2006 cblessum on 1/30/2007
Don't focus on what you think you CAN'T do, focus on what you CAN DO!

I CAN write in my Quick Tracker

I CAN have 5 fruits & veggies today

I CAN pay attention to portion sizes

I CAN stock my kitchen with low point foods

I CAN focus on other signs of weight loss success, other than the nunber on the scale

I CAN drink 6 glasses of water

I CAN identify a behavior I would like to change

I CAN get right back on track

I CAN try a new food today

I CAN believe that I'm capable of achieving my goals

I CAN have an "I can do it" attitude

I CAN eat within my daily point range today

I CAN enjoy the journey, not just the destination

I CAN stop eating when I feel satisfied

I CAN eat all of my favorite food - there are NO forbidden foods

I CAN do 20 minutes of activity today

I CAN balance my points around all the good groups

I CAN try a new recipe

I CAN focus on my weight loss successes

I CAN turn negative thoughts into "Positive Self-talk"

I CAN re-read my week 1 materials

I CAN pay attention to the difference between emotional and physical hunger

I CAN give myself a compliment

I CAN reward myself with a non-food treat

I CAN plan a meal or snack for today

I CAN feel in control

I CAN become a healthier, thinner person

I CAN practice mindful eating

I CAN use feeback from the scale positively