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January 11, 2009 BITE IT & WRITE IT!! cblessum on 1/12/2009
This week we discussed the 7 Steps for Success - see p. 4 & 5 of your Pocket Guide. One of the keys to success is TRACKING!!! Like it or not...so here ya go, an old favorite of mine!


If you nibble it, scribble it.
If you bite it, write it.
If you drink it, ink it.
If you snack it, track it.
If you steal it, reveal it.
If you sneak it, leak it.
If you chose it, disclose it.
If you hog it, log it.
If you snort it, report it.
If you grab it, blab it.
If you indulge it, divulge it.
If you imbibe it, inscribe it.
If you ruminate it, enumerate it.
If you ingest it, you guessed it!