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January 1, 2009 WE'RE IN THIS TOGETHER! cblessum on 1/2/2009
Thank you so much Keri E. for sharing this...an excellent thought going into the New Year. Keri said this reminded her of the geese and how they stick together no matter what. It's the same for us at Weight Watchers - let us, shoulder to shoulder, kick this weight loss thing!!

"The flightless fairy penguin of Australia stands less than a foot tall and is clumsy on land, where the fox is its natural enemy. Alone, one penguin wouldn't survive for long. So, after each day in the water, they gather where the surf meets the shore, waiting until the last penguin joins them. Then, shoulder to shoulder, they march up the beach to their burrows. They support each other. They rely on each other. And everyone, except the fox, wins."