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March 16, 2008 START OVER! cblessum on 3/16/2008
Hi there, I haven't given many thoughts directly in this spot but have added a lot to the website that I think can really inspire. Here's a thought for this week:

This week we talked about "Bumps in the Road"...things won't always be smooth. But if we get a flat tire, do we slash all the other tires? NO!! Do we fix the tire & then go back home?? NO!! We fix the tire & continue on to our destination. I love this poem & just wanted to send it out for you to remember this week:

Remember, you can be "off-Program" at 10:00 and be BACK ON PROGRAM at 10:01!!! Make the right decision...

START OVER ~author unknown

If you’ve started out in pursuit of your goal and you’ve really tried with your heart and soul, but somehow things got out of control – START OVER

When you’ve tried your best to do what you should and you thought this time that you surely would, but once again you didn’t do good – START OVER

When you’ve worked so hard for a healthy way and you fought to win a victory each day, but one more time you went astray – START OVER

When the road to success seemed much too long and each temptation was oh so strong and once again you gave in to wrong – START OVER

When you’ve told your friends what you planned to do and trusted them to help you through and soon discovered it's up to you – START OVER

When you know you must be physically fit but your hope seems gone and you're stuck in a pit. That’s not the time for you to quit – START OVER

When the week seems long and successes few and at weigh-in time you're feeling blue, remember tomorrow is just for you – START OVER

To start again means a victory’s been won and starting over AGAIN means a race well won and starting over AGAIN proves it CAN be done, so don’t just sit there – START OVER!!