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October 15, 2007 CORE EXCITEMENT! and other things on my mind... cblessum on 10/15/2007
Hey everyone, I am so thrilled about this 4-week challenge! I've heard so many exciting comments...people getting motivated, people asking for their stickers, people WANTING SUCCESS!!! Keep up the good work & remember - we can do this, little by little - week by week! NEVER GIVE UP.

Also, I'm really enjoying Core. You know you can type "Core" in the Search box & find lots of Core recipes. As I see them I'm trying to mark them if they aren't already. Even if it isn't marked & you know the ingredients look Core, let me know so I can update it. Last night we made the Bestest Baked Apples & they were fantastic!!! My family loved them & so did I.

A new site I heard about & I don't know how to contact her for permission but I'm linking it here anyway...this was found on the Core board at www.weightwatchers.com. If you want tons of Core tips, recipes & ideas check out the Core boards. And here's the site (thanks Donelda!):


I made Kippy's Mini Quiches yesterday & they are fantastic. I can't believe how good they are & CORE! All the recipes on her website are Core, along with a whole list of tips & hints.

If you're doing Flex, keep up the good work! Both of our plans are built for success so just choose one of them & stick to it at least a week at a time.

Have a Skinny Week! STAY STRONG...