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May 4, 2007 What do you truly believe? cblessum on 5/4/2007
This week I told you about this story - I noticed I got some of the details mixed up. But the fact remains, your own beliefs can be the only thing holding you back. Do you truly believe you are capable of losing weight, getting to Goal, and maintaining? Or are you simply hoping it will work? Getting rid of your limiting beliefs will be the key to healthy thinking & healthy living. Don't miss your meeting this week to hear more about it & think about what the end of your weight loss story will look like.

In the 1960s, some psychology researchers at a university conducted an experiment. They placed a northern pike in a fish tank and fed minnows to it for three days. Then they inserted a glass cylinder into the tank, and placed the minnows within the cylinder. When the pike got hungry, it again tried to eat the minnows. But of course it kept bumping against the glass. After a few hours, the pike stopped attempting to eat the minnows at all, and rested motionless at the bottom of the tank. The researchers then removed the cylinder, allowing the minnows to swim around the tank once again. They each had a theory about when the pike would resume its normal behavior. They were all wrong--after a week, the northern pike was dead of starvation. It never once tried to eat a single minnow, even though the minnows gradually grew unafraid, and swam right in front of the pike.