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Desserts: STRAWBERRY CHEESECAKE IN A GLASS - Thanks Keith C., Leader in OH!
I reverse engineered a high dessert.

Just boil water to make this - Strawberry Cheesecake In a glass

Serves 4, 2 points each

1 package of Sugar free fat free Strawberry Jello mix

1 Cup strawberries, cut

1 Package of Sugar-free, fat-free cheesecake jello mix

2 cups of skim milk

8 Nilla Wafers, reduced fat

1: Mix strawberry jello and water and add strawberries to large glass. Let set in fridge2 hrs.

2: Mix cheesecake mix with milk and top jello in glass

3: Crush 2 nilla wafers per glass and it's your crust.

cblessum on 8/7/2008