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Smoothies: PEANUT BUTTER 'BLISS'ARD SHAKE - Thanks Mom2eight, Staff Site
What kid doesn't like a milkshake?

Serves 1, 5 POINTS and CORE + 1 POINT plus counts as 2 milk servings!

1 envelope Weight Watchers Smoothie chocolate or vanilla

1 c. fat free milk (you could only use 1/2 c. ff milk and reduce by 1 POINT)

1 c. crushed ice

1 Peanut Butter Bliss bar, cut into small pieces

Put smoothie mix, milk, and ice into blender; blend until smooth. Add PBB bar pieces and pulse until blended. Pour into glass and enjoy!

"I also have added 2Tbsp of PB2 to this for death by peanut butter (what a way to go!). It adds 1 POINT to both plans." Mom2eight, Staff Site

cblessum on 3/10/2008