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SkinnyWeek.com Recipes - Remember to always check Points values!!!
Appetizers: HAM AND CHEESE ROLLS - Thanks Virginia & friends
1 Point each, makes 8 slices

1 tablespoon reduced-calorie margarine, melted

1clove garlic, minced

4 sheets phyllo pastry, thawed if frozen

12 thin slices low-fat boiled ham (4 ounces)

8 thin slices reduced-fat Swiss cheese (4 ounces)

12 romaine lettuce leaves

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. In a small bowl, combine margarine and garlic. Mix well. Unfold phyllo sheets so that they lie flat. Cover with plastic wrap and a damp cloth to prevent drying out. Place 1 phyllo sheet on a sheet of waxed paper. Brush with some margarine mixture. Layer remaining sheets on top, brushing each sheet with the remaining margarine mixture.

Arrange ham and cheese slices on top of phyllo. Cut phyllo crosswise into 3 equal strips. Starting with a short edge, roll up each strip jelly-roll style into a roll. Place rolls, seam-side down, on an ungreased baking sheet. Bake rolls until golden brown, about 20 minutes. Cut each roll into 4 equal slices. Line a serving platter with lettuce leaves. Arrange slices on top. Serve immediately.

Variation: To make bite-size rolls, start with a long side instead of a short side and roll them tightly. Proceed as recipe directs. Cut the rolls into thin slices and arrange them on a serving platter. Cooking Tips: Use a small pastry brush to spread the margarine and garlic mixture lightly over each sheet of phyllo dough; layering each sheet as it is brushed. Beginning with a short end of the phyllo stack, roll the dough tightly to enclose the filling. Place rolls, seam-side down, on a baking sheet.

cblessum on 1/13/2008