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SkinnyWeek.com Recipes - Remember to always check Points values!!!
Main Dish: CHERIE'S CHILI - Core!
8 servings, 1 Cup = 4 Points and CORE

1 1/2 pound extra lean ground beef
8 oz canned tomato sauce
14 oz canned kidney beans (drained)
1 medium green pepper(s)
14 oz Del Monte Diced Tomatoes
2 tsp Durkee Chili Powder, Mild
1 tsp Old El Paso Mild Taco Sauce
4 oz canned tomato paste
1 Tbsp olive oil

Brown ground beef (or turkey) with olive oil & onion or onion salt. Simmer all ingredients (add salt & pepper to taste) in crockpot for several hours.

This goes well with the Core Cornbread...you may also serve with saltines, cheddar cheese or sour cream but remember to add Points for extras. If you want it Core use FF cheddar & FF sour cream.

cblessum on 10/15/2007