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Main Dish: CORE MAKEOVER PEROGIES - Thanks Gina!
1/2 a large yellow onion
3 slice of polenta (1/2 inch think and then cut into chunks)
1 tsp ff sour cream
salt and pepper

Spray skillet with nonfat spray. Saute the onions until sweating (I added a little water the onions so they didn't stick to the pan) and starting to carmelize. Add polenta and sprinkle onions and polenta with salt and pepper. Let polenta saute with onions. When your onions are carmelized and your polenta slightly browned you can remove them from the pan, plate them and add your ff sour cream.

The flavor of the onions mixed with the polenta and the chill of the sour cream gave me the satisfaction of eating perogies. You probably could make CORE mashed potatoes and place this on top of them to give the potato filling texture.

cblessum on 6/16/2007