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SkinnyWeek.com Recipes - Remember to always check Points values!!!
Appetizers: MASHED CAULIFLOWER - Thanks MSJCR, Staff Site!
This recipe was given to me several years ago it is very good and low point. MSJCR

Serves 4
1 pt per serving.

1 large head of cauliflower
1/4 cup FF sour cream
3 tablespoons FF cream cheese
salt and pepper to taste

Break up head of cauliflower into florets. Put in a microwavable dish and sprinkle water on it. Microwave for 10 to 12 minutes until soft. Let cool a bit, then put cauliflower into the food processor along with the sour cream, cream cheese and salt and pepper. Process until almost smooth.

A great substitute for mashed potatoes! this came from WW.com community recipe.

The person who gave it to me checked out the points. Hope you enjoy.

cblessum on 2/20/2007