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SkinnyWeek.com Recipes - Remember to always check Points values!!!
Breakfast: PUMPKIN SPICE MUFFINS - PointsPlus!
Makes 24 mini cupcakes at 2 PP each or 18 larger at 3 PP each

1 Duncan Hines Spice Cake Mix
1 (15 oz) can of 100% pumpkin (not the pie filling)

Combine cake mix & pumpkin - it will be thick. Put into muffin pans & bake as directed on box.
*You can also use a Devils Food with pumpkin, they are wonderful! If you have a problem with portion control, stick them in the freezer & pull one out as needed. They are filling & full of fiber!

**I like to add a little spice to them like pumpkin pie spice or cinnamon ~ Cherie**
I also spray a little dollop of Redi Whip on top - fabulous!

cblessum on 5/16/2011