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Crockpot: BAKED POTATOES IN CROCKPOT - Thanks Stacy!
I wanted to tell you one more thing that may help people like me multitask at home, you can bake foil wrapped baked potatoes in 4 hours on HI with a slowcooker. It may not make sense but let me tell you this, it does because if you wanted a baked potato at a time when your oven is in use and maybe your toaster oven is too, the slow cooker will get your baked potatoes done and I'm talking large potatoes at a time you want to pull the whole meal together.
For example I am in South FL. It's hot down here... in the 80's and we're already bbqing outdoors. I needed to buy some food and do some errands the other day and then bbq around 6 pm. It was just before 2 pm and I decided to also bake potatoes instead of nuking them in the microwave. Well, let me tell you this, in a 6 qt crockpot I could get 4 large potatoes in there. I wrapped them in foil and when I got home I was ready to get started with the bbqing. My salad was prepared before I left and all I had to do was throw some meat on the "Q" and that was it. My potatoes were perfectly done and hot.
Just a tip from FloridA!


cblessum on 4/27/2010