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Main Dish: STUFFED PEPPERS - Thanks Stacy!
What I love to do is use leftovers ie. seasoned meat that has been cooked or make a meatloaf type mix with 93/7 seasoned 1 lb.ground beef or turkey,1 egg,1/2 cup oatmeal,4 shakes worcestershire sauce,1 thick sliced up onion chopped fine,2 rounded tsps. garlic powder andf cook it in a fry pan until browned and cooked all the way thru.
Add it in bell peppers that have been cut at the stem end so that these peppers are like a cup and stuff.
Add in a rice cooker and pour your fav Core (SF) spaghetti sauce over and cook for 30 minutes.
They will come out incredible. The peppers cook to a delicate state where all ingredients are hot and if you can put them away for tomorrow will taste even better.
I decided to try a Cuban rendition with Cuban spiced picadillo which is like a ground beef sloppy joe Cuban style and still added the tomato sauce in this case. Magnifico!
You could also make these into a vessel for leftover chili or beef stew. Practically any leftovers can be filled in a pepper and used as a new meal. Rice cookers are inexpensive. I recommend at least a 6 quart or larger. They cook more than rice and are much faster than slow cookers saving you time and expanding your budget too. They also help you stay home vs. having zero time to cook and you can truly get a meal on nthe table in 30 minutes when you push the COOK button if this awesome appliance.

cblessum on 4/27/2010