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Thanks Stacy for the following tips on Simply Filling (or just implementing more Filling Foods into your meals!).

"I also think another great idea is to make some acorn squash and use that as a vessel for filling with a great stuffing of cooked polenta instead of cornbread and adding some great add ins and then heating together. We forget that these veggies will keep Points very well stretched and go the vegetarian way or add meats into the stuffing and ramp up cut up veggies and fruit like cranberries, raisins,dried fruit, a little walnut and chop the left over ham or turkey and add that.

Put it all in the stuffing as a meal in a veg.

I think we also forget about stuffed fruits. That can be done especially with apples and pears. Stuff them with other fruit and add it in a cored cut up apple, put some sugar-free, fat-free pudding in a zip bag and cut the end off and pipe it.

Make your own apple pie filling for yogurt, over lower cal ice cream or low fat yogurt or make berry filling. Sub Splenda, a little water and just use a little corn starch and you have this thick compote with that taste you want that's good enough for any food you need a kick of fruit in there."

Stacy, Ft. Lauderdale

cblessum on 4/14/2010