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SkinnyWeek.com Recipes - Remember to always check Points values!!!
Main Dish: CABBAGE LASAGNA - Thanks Stacy (FL)!
RECIPE FROM STACY...this is SIMPLY FILLING (or former Core plan) so I don't have the Points. You can figure Points based on the amounts you use but if you are on Simply Filling you don't count the Points! THANK YOU STACY!!

What I did was use it like pasta. I made get this.... Cabbage Lasagne!!!

You blanch leaves of cabbage, fill with fat-free ricotta and fat-free mozzarella cheese and I had some leftover meatloaf also Core (Simply Filling) and roll them.
Add some Core (Simply Filling) spaghetti sauce in a 9x13 in pan, add your stuffed cabbage lasagne rolls and add fat-free mozzarella cheese on top. Cover with foil about 30 min. on 375 degrees and then uncover for about 7 minutes but move rack up a little higher to melt the cheese.

This is so filling that I can only eat one over about a half cup cooked barley. I think this is a winner and ya know what Cherie? I would want to tell your members to use cabbage leaves blanched instead of tortillas so stuff them Mexican style like enchiladas and save a ton of Points to stretch these Points even more.

cblessum on 4/14/2010