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SkinnyWeek.com Recipes - Remember to always check Points values!!!
I saw a few things on the Staff Site...you can use any diet soda with ketchup, salsa or barbecue sauce to make a tasty meat. Here's the basic instructions & let us know what you find works best (Also see "Cola Chicken" under "Recipes"...you can do it in a skillet or in the crockpot.

Pork Tenderloin makes a wonderful pulled pork if you use Diet Sunkist & 1 cup ketchup, or Diet Root Beer with 1 cup ketchup.

BRAINLESS CHICKEN (from Edna on Staff Site)

4 chicken breast
1 can diet cola
1 cup ketchup

Mix cola and ketchup together and pour over chicken in nonstick skillet. Bring to boil. Lower heat cover and simmer 45 minutes. Remove lid and bring to boil again to reduce sauce.

4 POINTS each - 4 servings

Advice from Elaine on Staff Site: You can marinade beef in a can of coke. The acid in the cola tenderizes the meat and it actually comes out pretty good. Don't forget the spices!

From Chickadee on Staff Site:

Equal parts of Diet 7up
Light soy sauce
add garlic powder to taste
(1/2 tsp usually works, for me)

Place in zip loc baggy, add pork, chicken strips or beef kabobs.
Marinate 30 min at a minimum. Grills up very nicely.

cblessum on 8/2/2007