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PointsPlus Cookbooks cblessum on 4/18/2011
We have brand new PointsPlus cookbooks in the meeting rooms...what easier way to have PointsPlus already figured out? The Deluxe Member Kit contains Ready! Set! Go! which has very easy, very tasty recipes (I've made a lot from this one already).

We have the PointsPlus Program cookbook for $14.95.

Just 5! 5 ingredient recipes simplify life $9.95
"From Linda Todd, WW Staff: I have one of the new recipes nearly cooked and it smells SO GOOD! I took several “shortcuts” and changedit up a bit.
Page 51---simmered Italian pork chops.

I used 2 packages of chops instead of one. (My husband is a big eater…) I used a new squeeze bottle of garlic, frozen chopped peppers and frozen chopped onion. I did the cup of seasoned spaghetti sauce but also added an 8 oz can of seasoned tomato sauce. I put a little water in the sauce jar and can, swished and added that. Now I am simmering it on low until more of the juice cooks up and the chops get even more tender. I plan to simmer it on low at least 30 minutes. It smells SO GOOD!

I also have the maple glazed butternut squash in the oven. (page 164). That one only has 3 ingredients and was SO EASY to prepare! I have a very large backing stone pan from Pampered Chef and all of it made one even layer. Lunch is ready and both from the new cookbook!" LINDA

NEWEST COOKBOOK: Fresh, Fabulous, Fast: 140 Recipes All Under 30 Minutes $9.95