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October 17, 2006 INSPIRATION FROM EDNA IN MICHIGAN cblessum on 1/30/2007
Hi there Cherie,
I am from Monroe, Michigan and have been a LIFETIME member of Weight Watchers since January, 2005 - having lost 68 pounds. The reason for the title on the subject line "NEVER GIVE UP" is because it took me 6 years to make goal. I never gave up and my leader NEVER GAVE UP ON ME. I lost a year because of illness and the medications I was taking caused me to STAND STILL for that length of time - BUT I kept coming every week. Even though, I am at GOAL now - I still continue GOING to class every week - it is part of my LIFESTYLE . I love my class and my leader and am anxious for other Weight Watchers to know that if you want it badly enough - YOU WILL NOT GIVE UP! Keep up the good work, Cherie - Edna H. :-))))))))