Hair curls in lush hair extensions the hair piece, curly hair naturally simple, curly hair in the ponytail is also a very remy hair extensions pure student hair style, with Qi Liu hair piece more sweet and lovely. Hair curly hair hair piece, spiral human hair extensions curls hair tails hot ponytail, the shape is very unique, this hair piece also deliberately leave hair extensions online the hair tail of the cauda equina, after wearing like a normal pony tail hair into a ponytail . - Have a Skinny Week!
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FUNNY? JOKE... cblessum on 2/13/2006
A member came and told me that since he's started WW, he's been trying a lot of new and different things. He said the other night he even dreamed he ate the muffler on his car!!
He woke up exhausted.
IS THIS FUNNY???? hahaaa...