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WOW - I GAINED! from Debie cblessum on 8/17/2006
Wow….I Gained!!!

Although I have LOST 92 lbs, I realized this morning how much I have GAINED!

I have GAINED a new healthier, balanced diet, a new variety of foods that I love that are good for me!

I have GAINED a BMI of 25 (down from 40), a healthier heart, a longer life.

I have GAINED a whole new wardrobe of cute skinny clothes!

I have GAINED the ability to go up and down stairs without huffing and puffing, walk all day without tiring, and keep up with my kids!

I have GAINED increased strength and coordination - and a new appreciation for fitness.

I have GAINED a respect for myself!

I have GAINED social confidence.

I have GAINED a sense of empowerment - my life is in control!

I have GAINED a big smile on my face when I look in the mirror and see ME again.

I have GAINED an understanding of how I got so overweight and what to do to avoid ever going back there.

I have GAINED a new way of handling problems rather than medicating myself with food.

I have GAINED the respect of others who didn't think I could do this, and never believed I would stick with it.

I have GAINED the knowledge that I am setting a good example for my children of a healthier attitude towards food and exercise.

I have GAINED faith in my ability to accomplish anything I commit myself to achieving!

I have GAINED a wealth of friends through this message board a circle of support that surrounds me daily!

See - "gaining" isn't such a bad thing!

Debie – WW Website Posting

December 2, 2003