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I'd like to share something that's been on my heart...I'm reading a Beth Moore book called "Praying God's Word" (breaking free from spiritual strongholds). This book goes through addiction, food-related strongholds, and many other areas but the only two chapters I've stayed on are the addiction & food-related chapters. So much of this battle is spiritual - I want to share an excerpt from this book (p. 152):

"The question of authority is one we are challenged to answer every single day. The concept of rededicating our lives to Christ only at infrequent revivals or conferences can prove disappointing and defeating. Joshua 24:15 suggests a far more workable approach: "Choose THIS DAY whom you will serve" (emphasis Beth Moore's). Christ repeated the concept when He called us to take up our crosses DAILY and follow Him. Do you want to know something wonderful? A daily recommitment is not to ensure that we'll never fail, but to help us develop the mentality that every single day is a new day. A new chance to follow Christ. Obedience to God is not some diet we suddenly blow. It is something to which we recommit every single day, no matter how we blew it the day before. Victorious living is not an instant arrival. It is the pursuit of one victorious day at a time until the sun sets on enough to begin forming victorious thoughts.

So, are you just about to give up? Good. Give yourself up to God, to the authority of His Holy Spirit. Both Galatians 5:22 & 2 Timothy 1:7 tell us that self-discipline is a work and a quality of the fruit of the Spirit. Stop feeling guilty because you don't have any self-discipline on your own. Neither does that together-looking person next to you. None of us can master ourselves. Some yokes may be more obvious than others, but all of us have had them. God is the only One who can sanctify and make every part of us whole..."and He will do it." All He wants is our trust, our belief, and a little time." ...p. 153 "You never have to wonder if God's will is for you to be liberated from these strongholds. The answer is yes, so begin praying His will over your life with confidence." Beth Moore, "Praying God's Word"