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DECISIONS - Thanks skygirl! (Staff Site) cblessum on 8/5/2009
I wanted to stop at McDonaldís for an ice cream cone.
I didnít.
(It wasnít within my Points budget that day!!)

I wanted to skip breakfast because I was in a hurry.
I didnít.
(I threw a scrambled egg into a bowl, nuked it, put it on a WW bagel with a piece of fat free cheese, and ate it in the car on the way to work.)

I wanted to have a big dessert like everyone else was having at dinner in the restaurant.
I didnít.
(I reached into my purse and took out a 2-point bar that I ate instead!)

I wanted to sleep in and skip my morning walk.
I didnít.
Since I had already made a plan with my neighbor, I was obligated to go out and meet her! (I didnít want to let her down!)

I wanted to skip my Weight Watchers meeting and go shopping instead.
I didnít.
(And my weight was down!)