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SkinnyWeek.com Inspiration
Hello! Cherie...this is awesome! What a great healthy idea! I'm glad WW's is doing to help support our troops. This is a great way in helping them stay healthy. Well I've had my baby on Feb 25th! He's going on 2 months this Wed. I stayed healthy throughout my pregnacy and gained only 25 lbs.!....I have lost 22 of those pregnant lbs. lol. I'm back down under my goal of 128 and weighing at 123 lbs. I know there's not a program for pregnant mothers only for nursing moms...but I still followed the plan for nursing moms! The doc wanted me to intake 1500 to 1800 calories per day for the baby. So I did the 30 pts.= 1500 calories more or less and it was enough for baby and me....Don't get me wrong I did give in a little every now and than to temptation. But I never said I was eating for two...if you know what I mean...lol. Well gotta go because my little one is a calling...Just wanted to share how Ww's has helped me stay healthy and thin!!! If you want you can share my story with the other members....take care and god bless and have a skinny week!!!

Love WWbuddies4life
Mari L. Garza
from South Texas