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15 TIPS FOR KEEPING WEIGHT OFF - Thanks Roberta~ cblessum on 8/4/2009
1. Quitting is not an option ~ it’s Momentum.
2. Think before you act on an impulse to eat ~ am I really hungry? Am I turning to food because I’m stressed? Do I have another option?
3. Activity and exercise are a priority-- Schedule it as you would any other activity that is important.
4. Listen to the feedback ~ there are many sources of feedback…the scale, your clothes, the way you feel…don’t let one bad weigh in ruin your whole week if all the other feedback is saying you’re doing things right.
5. Avoid going back for seconds ~ they’re never as good and always too much.
6. Avoid impulse buys and sales ~ fat and calories are still in that package of Oreos even if the bag was on sale.
7. Stock the pantry with good foods ~ have healthy snacks on hand.
8. Forgive yourself ~ you can’t move forward if you’re always looking back. We all have moments when we’ve slipped up…learn from it and go forward.
9. Focus on what you can do ~ sometimes our lives get so busy & we have a lot going on…I can at least drink my water that day. I never do nothing…there’s always something I can do that will benefit my body.
10. Moderation…not deprivation. I could not have stayed with this program if I could never enjoy a brownie, cookie or margarita. Lighter alternatives when possible and just not as often as before.
11. A treat is not a treat if you have it everyday! Treats should be special and enjoyed on occasion. Things we have each day we take for granted and don’t really enjoy as much. I make sure I’ve met my Good Health Guidelines before I’ve “earned” the treat.
12. Get by with a little help from my friends ~ WW, member support and family…I’ve needed each along this journey to keep me focused and on track.
13. Not everyday’s your birthday, not everyday’s a holiday. We should live life as though it is not eat through life that way. I’ve had to learn to take food off of the pedestal and put it back on a plate.
14. Keep doing what works ~ attending meetings, tracking points, activity and exercise. All the things you do to lose the weight you should continue to do to keep it off.
15. It’s not about perfection…it’s about doing it. You will see success if you just keep after it!