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Christmas poem - Thanks momofgr8kids, Staff Site! cblessum on 1/2/2009
'Twas the month before Christmas, and my group, they were set. Prepared for events that had not happened yet. Planning ahead, choosing well, choosing lean, wanting to fit in the smaller sized jeans. They tracked and they tracked, writing bites licks and tastes, hoping that Christmas wouldn’t show on their waists. Then what to their wondering eyes should appear, but a table of food, and all much too near. Their family all laughed, and said what’s one day, just have what you want, it will all be okay. But then they remembered their 10% goals, and how far they had come and how to stay in control. So they had a bite here and a little taste there, things that they loved, they felt no despair. And they said their relatives as they drove out of sight, I didn’t even use all my Points tonight!!