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WHO'S HUNGRY? cblessum on 4/7/2008
Who's Hungry? by Judy Christiansen

I eat when I'm angry.
I eat when I'm sad.
I eat when I'm tired.
I eat when I'm glad.
I eat between meals.
I eat bedtime snacks.
I eat from fine china
Or from paper sacks.
I eat sitting down.
I eat on the run.
I eat when I read.
I eat just for fun.
I eat when I'm pressured.
I eat to relax.
I eat when it's time
To pay income tax.
I eat while I'm cooking.
I eat at mealtime.
Now this question you ask
(Interrupting my rhyme).
Do I eat when I'm hungry?
I really can't say. . .
I do not recall
Ever getting that way!