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Fair Foods - PointsPlus cblessum on 7/17/2014
Updated July 2014 by Cherie Blessum from WW eTools database. Some are estimates/averages so always use your best judgment.


*Decide what's important to you - is there something you've really wanted? Plan for it & adjust your activity level. Don't be afraid to use your 49 Weekly PointsPlus Allowance - that's what it's there for!

*You've probably tasted it before, right? So do you HAVE to have it this year, or can you maybe wait til next year?

*SHARE!! That way you save a lot of $$ and can get tastes of a few different things.

*Get up early & get some walking in - wear your pedometer to see how many miles you rack up on the midway.

*Stay hydrated - carry a water bottle.

*Eat before you go so you don't have to eat a whole meal at the fair.

"WALKING OFF THE MIDWAY MUNCHIES" from Minot Daily News, 7/11/07 by Lori Scharmer

Following are the approximate distances we likely need to walk to burn off the calories of some popular midway foods:

Caramel Apple: 3 miles
Corn dog, large: 4.5 miles
Cotton Candy: 1.5 miles
Fried Candy Bar on a Stick: 4.5 miles
Funnel cake (6-inch diameter): 3 miles
Soft Drink (32 oz): 2.5 miles
Sno-cone: 2.5 miles
Soft Pretzel: 3 miles

Keep in mind, everything adds up quickly at the fair. Here are some approximate PointsPlus values: (remember they can vary depending on ingredients & portion size)

Corn on the cob (medium), PointsPlus value of 2
Corn on the cob with 2 Tbsp butter, PointsPlus value of 8
Smoothie (2 cups), PointsPlus value of 6-20
Grilled turkey leg (large, with skin), PointsPlus value of 28
1 Funnel cake, PointsPlus value of 27
French fries, PointsPlus value of 11
Belgian waffle with syrup & whipped cream, PointsPlus value of 14
Foot-long corn dog, PointsPlus value of 12
Fudge (1 piece), PointsPlus value of 3
Chili dog on a roll, PointsPlus value of 11
Soft Pretzel, PointsPlus value of 5-12
Nachos with cheese, PointsPlus value of 9
12 oz regular Beer, PointsPlus value of 5
12 oz light Beer PointsPlus value of 4
Peanuts (1/4 C shelled), PointsPlus value of 6
Caramel apple, medium, PointsPlus value of 8
Churro, PointsPlus value of 5-7
Cinnamon Roll, PointsPlus value of 8-20
Cotton Candy (1 oz), PointsPlus value of 3
Choc. covered frozen banana – PointsPlus value of 7
Fried Twinkie, PointsPlus value 14
Fried Snickers, PointsPlus value 12
Hotdog on a bun w/chili, PointsPlus value of 8
Curly Fries, PointsPlus value of 11-17 depending on size
Dippin' Dots Ice Cream, 1/2 cup (depends on flavor) PointsPlus value of 4-7


Baklava (2" square) – 5-10 PPs
Belgian Waffle with syrup & whipped cream – 14 PPs
Caramel Apple - 8 PPs
Caramel Dip w/Apples – 4 PPs
Caramel Corn, 1 oz – 3 PPs
Chili Dog – 11 PPs
Cheese Curds – 16-25 PPs per order
Chocolate Frozen Banana – 7 PP
Cinnamon Roll – 8-20 PPs
Corn Dog (regular) – 6 PP
FootLong Corn Dog – 12 PP
Corn on the Cob (medium) 2 PPs, with 2 Tbsp butter 8
Curly Fries – 11-17 PPs depending on size
Donuts – 6-12 PPs depending on type
Egg Roll – 5-6 PPs
Fish & Chips – 13-20 PPs or higher
Fried Ice Cream (1/2 Cup) – 12 PPs
Fried Rice – 7-12 PPs
Fudge (1 piece) – 3 PPs
Footlong Hotdog – 13-23 PPs depending with chili/cheese etc
Fresh Fruit (1 cup) – 0 PPs
Fried Veggies – 4 PPs
French Fries (small) – 11 PPs
Gyro – 16 PPs
Hotdog – 8 PPs
Ice Cream (per 1/2 cup) – 4 PPs
Ice Cream bar (reg) – 5 PPs
Kettle Corn (2 Cups) – 4 PPs
Lemonade (8 oz) – 3 PPs
Lemonade (unsweetened) - 0
Mini Donuts (4 donuts) – 6 PPs
Milk Shake - depending on flavor & size, 12-30 PPs
Nachos with cheese – 9 PPs
Onion Rings (3 rings) – 8 PPs
Popover – 2 PPs
Pickle on a Stick - 0 PP
Peanuts (1/4 C shelled) – 6 PPs
Popcorn (buttered, 2 C) – 4 PPs
Popcorn (not buttered, 1 C) – 1 PP
Pork Sandwich – 8-15 PPs
Reuben Sandwich – 18 PPs
Sno-Cone – 3 PPs
Soft Serve Yogurt (1/2 C) – 3 PPs
Soup in a bread bowl – 21-25 PPs
Taffy, Salt Water (7 pieces) – 5 PPs
Turkey Leg (with skin) – 28 PPs