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I'm OKAY!!! cblessum on 8/5/2011
Hi everyone, I know I haven't updated my website as often & I don't go on the Staff Site a lot. Many people are writing to ask if I'm okay!! Yes, I'm fine - however my hard drive crashed so I've lost all my email contacts. I have a friend working to recover everything for me - if he doesn't I will need to re-build my email list of over 500 people. Please check back to see, I'll try to update here or on Thought of the Week. I also have a new FB page called Cherie's WW Peeps - if you'd like to join send me an email or try to find the page & I'll get you added! I'll try to get more updates done & some emails sent out as soon as possible...Have a Skinny Week! Cherie B. 8/5/2011