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Girl Scout Cookies?!?! cblessum on 2/14/2010
Tips to Handle the Girl Scout Cookie Syndrome

The Mind Games We Play (common things we tell ourselves to make it seem alright):

*It only comes once a year
*If I don’t eat them now, there won’t be any left!
*I’m doing it “for the children”

The Truth (reality):

*Instead of buying yourself a box of temptation, make a $3-5 donation; the Troop decides where the proceeds will go.

*Ask the girl what her favorite kind of cookie is, then buy a box for her & tell her it’s a treat from you.

*Girl Scouts participate in the Gift of Caring during cookie sales. Each troop picks a charity to give the cookies purchased from people who don’t want the cookies in their own house. Donate them to the soldiers overseas – they’ll thank you!

*Donate the cookies to a local food pantry, church, Salvation Army, etc.

*If you Mentally Rehearse the situation, you CAN handle them! Portion them into individual baggies, write the Points value on the baggies, and freeze them. (Quote from 10K on the Staff Site, “That way, you won't do what I did one year... take last year's boxes out of the freezer and eat them all to make room for this year's boxes, haha!”

*Find an alternative. Our new 1 Point WW Mint Cookie Crisp taste like the Thin Mint in a nice controlled portion!

ALWAYS CHECK NUTRITIONAL INFO & POINTS ON YOUR OWN TO BE SURE…did you know that different parts of the country have different manufacturers & names of cookies? You can do a general search on the Internet to find nutritional info and also find them right on the boxes. Here are two lists I found but I haven't updated them for 2010 - please be responsible & check the packages if available.

(Below are cookies we have in North Dakota):

5 cookies = 3 points

Caramel de Lites
2 cookies = 3 points

Peanut Butter Patties
2 cookies = 3 points

4 cookies = 3 points

Thin Mints
4 cookies = 4 points

Peanut Butter Sandwiches
3 cookies = 4 points

Lemon Pastry Cookies
3 cookies = 3 points

2 cookies = 4 points

Linda from Southern California verified these on e-tools:

Thin Mints
4 cookies = 3 Points

2 cookies = 4 Points

2 cookies = 4 Points

2 cookies = 3 Points

5 cookies = 4 Points

All Abouts
2 cookies = 3 Points

Café Cookies
5 cookies = 3 Points

Sugar Free Brownies
4 cookies = 3 Points

WW4EVER from the Staff Site even calculated the Points per BOX (below) – use as a deterrent and also to journal in case you have a mishap!

Carmel Delites: 23 Points/box
Peanut Butter Patties: 23 Points/box
Shortbread: 30 Points/box
Thin Mints: 23 Points/box
Peanut Butter Sandwiches: 25 Points/box
Lemon Pastry: 21 Points/box
Cartwheels: 18 Points/box
Thanks-a-lot: 29 Points/box

The more educated you are in these matters, the more educated your decisions will be!