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Resource Section cblessum on 2/17/2007
The Resource section is for Location Coordinators or anybody who helps decorate and inspire members. Please share some of your ideas!

I've asked all Lifetime members, losing or maintaining, to take a safety pin - gold or silver. I got giant ones at Hobby Lobby, they also have them at JoAnn's. I bought beautiful glass beads that didn't fit the pins so I used some beads from home but every time a LT member comes in they get to take another bead. So the first time they get a pin & a bead, then each time they attend (as often as they do!) they get to put a bead on. My receptionists each have one - some have gold, one has blue beads with silver, mine is just the star beads - we wear them on our name tags. When they fill one, they start a new one.

So far our LTs are loving it! They wear them in the meetings...I've told them these are their "safety" pins...to remember to come in, remember WE need them & their advice, and if they ever feel they can do better on their own, remember their safety pin. I wanted a way to recognize how powerful our LT members are for our meetings & this is a way that doesn't break the bank. (of course I'd rather give them diamonds! haha)

· Lifetime Safety Pins 1
· Lifetime Safety Pins 2
· Lifetime Safety Pins 3

Here are some posters we hang around the Center.

· 21 Things to Remember
· Cheddar Twist Tricks
· WW Ladies
· Little Debbie Zebra Cake...Priceless.
· Naughty or Nice Banner
· New Pair of Jeans...Priceless.
· If You Nibble It, Scribble It.
· Nothing Tastes as Good as Thin Feels 1
· Nothing Tastes as Good as Thin Feels 2
· Nothing Tastes as Good as Thin Feels 3
· Weigh Room Wall

I made some posters out of foamboard for our Center to recognize 10% & Lifetime awards. We use cutout shapes & write the names of members when they achieve their success.

I also made a Lifetime binder. I have forms printed up on different types of colored paper & send them with Lifetimers to fill out. There are questions about how they got to where they are, what were their biggest changes, favorite recipes, etc. I ask for before & after pics since everyone loves to see those. The binder is at our Center for members to look at & be inspired.

· 10% & Lifetime posters in weigh room
· 10% poster - close-up
· Lifetime poster - close-up
· Post-it Notes
· Lifetime Binder
· Lifetime Binder Closeup
· Lifetime Binder Pages
· More Lifetime Binder Pages
· Lifetime Forms Folder
· Folder for Lifetime Binder
· Cover Document for Lifetime Binder
· Lifetime Binder Form

Here are some of my bulletin boards & themes...I'd love to hear your ideas!

· Butterfly Change Poster
· Butterfly Bulletin Board
· Butterfly Welcome
· Pounds Slide Away
· Snowflake Bulletin Board
· Train Bulletin Board
· Train Bulletin Board Puffs
· Valentine/Heart Bulletin Board
· Meetings Are the Magic - close-up
· Meetings Are the Magic Bulletin Board
· Four Week Challenge Bulletin Board
· Fall Bulletin Board 1
· Fall Bulletin Board 2
· Fall Bulletin Board 3
· Fall Bulletin Board 4
· KickStart Bulletin Board 1
· KickStart Bulletin Board 2
· Snowman Bulletin Board
· Watch Yourself Change Big Bulletin Board
· Will You? Bulletin Board