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ONE WHOLE WEEK TO WEIGH?!! cblessum on 6/4/2006
DAY ONE (right after weigh-in)

Oh boy, that piece of cake I saved is near,
One big slice, I have no fear.
Besides, no pounds will ever show,
I've got seven whole days to go.


A day of shopping at the mall,
and a burger special - cheese, mayo and all.
I'll walk it off and get in gear.
Six days to go, no weigh-in near!


I think I'll skip my tuna lunch.
A Reuben Sandwich is what I'll munch.
With maybe a shake and chips, you know?
Besides, I've got five days to go!


For breakfast one egg, toast and juice.
Kids left their pancakes. Oh! What's the use?
Wasting food is such a sin,
And still four days till I weigh in.


Boy, the weekend is really rough.
Restaurant menus are very tough!
I'll work off this steak, no problem here.
In just three days I'll be in the clear?


Breakfast...I'll just have coffee today.
Maybe I'll lose some weight that way!
Supper...I'm starving - I could eat a whale.
Two more days till I step on that scale!


Now my nerves are really a wreck.
I might as well eat. Oh! What the heck!
I'll drink tons of water and walk all night.
One day to go -- I'll be alright.


I polished off the pizza for a snack today.
But followed it with two bowls of Special K!
I gained two pounds--can you believe?
Maybe it's the Milky Way I've got up my sleeve.

Really, WW works if you just take it slow.
I guess I didn't have seven days to go!

This poem came from Cal on the Staff Site and was written by Bonnie Pintaric - Aurora, Colorado. Thank you!