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DINING OUT TIPS - Thanks Tammy2866 (Staff) cblessum on 8/27/2008
Eat a small snack an hour or so before heading out to eat (fruit, ff/lf yogurt, veggie based soup)

Pick the right appetizer (broth based soup, salad, vegetable appetizers)

Say NO to bread or chip baskets (the fiber in salad is more filling)

Order small entrees or half size portions/or share a full size portion with your dining companion (saves on points while saving on money)

Ask for a To-Go box when you place your order/when order arrives place half them meal into the To-Go box

Cut food into small pieces so it SEEMS like more

Protein rich food will make you feel fuller

Eat Slower! Take a bite, put fork down, chew, sip some water, repeat this will make you feel full faster and you’ll eat less.

An old Weight Watcher tip - order salad dressing on the side and dip your fork into it then the salad this way you just get a taste of dressing with each bite and won't use all the dressing.

Use chopsticks or a small spoon

Skip dessert but if it is a must, share it with your dining companion

Choose smaller dinnerware-8 ounce glasses, salad plates, small 1-2 cup bowls

Divide your plate: Allot space for vegetables, protein, and whole grains. Fill 1/2 the plate with veggies, 1/4 with a source of protein, 1/4 with whole grain or starchy vegetable

Soups before your meals or as your meal, makes you feel full on fewer calories

Drinking a glass of water before meals will help you feel less hungry and decreases appetite

Eat less but more often: Eating smaller portions help food properly digest & nutrients are better used.

Brush your teeth or Chew sugar-free gum

Avoid foods cooked in oil. Fried may mean tasty but oil has a lot of fat and calories. Opt for baked, grilled and steamed!

Go for taste & less quantity: EX: Frozen chocolate melts slowly in your mouth and you will feel like you have eaten more.

Include more vegetables: EX: Add more veggies to soup & less meat, use spaghetti squash not pasta, summer squash over corn

Sugar increases your appetite replace soft drinks with water or flavored water, flavored creamer with sf creamer

Pre measured snacks will help you eat less. Create your own snack portions: Read the labels to see how many servings in the package (pretzels, chips, nuts, etc) Portion it out into that number of servings and place into individual snack bags. Can also be done with lunch meats, fruits/veggies

Substitute foods: EX: Grapes for Raisins, 3 cups of popcorn is jus as filling as 1/3 cup of pretzels, 3 cups puffed wheat goes further than 1/4 cup granola, fresh fruit will leave you feeling more satisfied and using less points than juices or dried fruits.