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Funny Member Story from ruatw8 (Staff Site)~ cblessum on 8/26/2008
I had a member share yesterday this funny story.
While out of town and driving down the highway with her girlfriend she came upon a WEIGH STATION. She told her friend to pull in. The friend argued "Why?" She stated she would be missing her meeting this week, she had her book and she needed to weigh. They laughed and then pulled in. The man at the window asked if he could help them and she told him the same. He said "We only weigh trucks!" She told him "but I am missing my meeting and I have my book with me." He told her he could not weigh her and sent them on there way. All the time they kept a straight face but had a great laugh as they drove away. She said "I'm sure he thought we were two dumb blondes!"