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EASTER CANDY POINTS - Thanks to Blick on the Staff Site! Beware of your weaknesses... cblessum on 2/27/2008
You can find even more candy listed in the latest Complete Food Companion - find it in a meeting room near you! Or use your e-tools account to look them all up.

Cadbury Caramel, (1 egg)-5.0 points
Cadbury Chocolate Creme Egg, (1 egg)-4.5 points
Cadbury Creme, (1 egg)-4.0 points
Cadbury Mini Creme Egg, (1 mini egg)-1.5 points
Cadbury's Mini Eggs (in a bag), (12 pieces)-5.0 points
Chocolate Nest Eggs, (1 egg)-1.0 points
Dove Chocolate Bunny, (1.8 oz)-3.0 points
Hershey Milk Chocolate Eggs, (7 pieces)-5.0 points
Hershey Milk Chocolate Bunny, (7 oz)-5.0 points
Hollow Chocolate Bunny (1 oz)-4.0 points
Jelly Beans, Smuckers, (24 pieces)-3.0 points
Jelly Beans, (Large) (13 pieces)-3.0 points
Marshmallow/Chocolate Egg, (1 piece)-2.0 points
Malted Milk Eggs (8 eggs)-4.0 points
Milky Way, (1 egg)-5.0 points
Nestles Baby Ruth-4.5 points
Nestles PB Mallow-3.5 points
Peanut Butter Chocolate Egg (Small 3)-5.0 points
Peeps (4)-3.0 points
Plain/Peanut M & M'S (1/4 cup)-5.0 points
Reeses Peanut Butter Eggs (1)-4.0 points
Snickers Egg, (1 egg)-4.0 points
Solid Chocolate Bunny (2 oz)-8.0 points
Suck An Egg Sucker (1 egg)-2.0 points
Sweet Tart Eggs (12 eggs)-1.0 points