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My TurnAround Program COOKBOOK REVIEW! cblessum on 12/1/2007
Thanks so much to Lori Herr (WW Staff) for writing this review for us! This cookbook is on sale for $7.00. What a deal & a great gift idea!

Here are a few of the recipes I have made from this book and my “review”.

Chocolate Cranberry Biscotti p. 289- yum! Not near as difficult as it seems. Delicious dipped in a cup of steaming hot coffee!

Pear Crisp p. 286- I made the variation with Golden Delicious Apples. Very good! Topped with a dollop of whipped topping, your family will be impressed.

Banana Strawberry Quick Bread- p. 279 - my mom made this “comfort food” for us when we had our car accident last year. It was definitely “comforting”. Yum!

Lemon Dill Fingerling Potatoes- p. 268- my husband really enjoyed these. Simple to make

Mexican Style Red Rice – p. 252 This was fantastic- a bit spicy, even for me (not too much, though), so if you don’t like spice- you will want to adjust it.

Turkey Shepherd’s Pie- p. 150 This was delicious! I am not a big fan of sweet potatoes, but the topping is a mixture of sweet & Yukon gold, so it toned down the taste of the sweet. It makes a beautiful colored topping for the pie.

Grilled Korean Style Pork- p. 173 Excellent! is all I can say about it.

Salsa Burgers- p. 164. I used venison. Excellent! (I felt it needs more salt.)

Marinated Flank Steak- p. 159 Yum! I used patio steaks- worked great!

Turkey & Hominy Chili- p. 148 You don’t have to like hominy to like this one!

Chicken & Tomatillo Casserole- p. 140 Yum! What more can I say!?

Hearty Caribbean Pork & Rice Soup p. 68 I used Rotel instead of plain tomatoes. That mixed with the jalapenos made for a pretty spicy dish. Not too spicy for me, but may be for some.

Sausage & Herb Stuffed Mushrooms p. 13 Very Nice Appetizer! Your guests will love these!

Minestrone & Parmesan Cheese Crisps- p. 81 I don’t even care for minestrone, but I thoroughly enjoyed this one- AND the parmesan cheese crisps are a real treat! Very simple to make, too. Changed to whole wheat pasta to make soup Core.

Noodles with Sweet & Spicy Meat Sauce- p. 165 Yum! Used whole wheat pasta to make it Core.

Carrot Cake w/Cream Cheese Frosting- p. 283 Very good AND a nice size portion! Yay!

And a last-minute review, add the HONEY TERIYAKI SALMON! Lori said "it's delish!"