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You Know You're a WW member when...THANKS MONA! cblessum on 8/9/2007
You know you're a Weight Watchers member when...

- you start telling your coworkers the Points in their lunches.

- you calculate the Points in your dog's food.

- you take off your earrings before you weigh in.

- you try to calculate activity Points for typing!

- you run to the bathroom like 3 times before weigh in to make sure you are "empty"

- you wear the lightest clothes you own to get weighed

- you refer to points like it has money value (ex. I charged 3 points or that cost me 3 points)

- you panic when someone invites you to go out somewhere and you don't know the points.

- you know how much your panties weigh (even an ounce makes a diff on weigh-in day!).

- all foods in your cabinet are marked with point values in big, bright marker colors.

- you start growling at your hubby if he tries to steal some of your carefully pre-measured food.

- you now consider foods as point worthy or unworthy.

- you know the location of every public restroom within a 5-mile radius of your home.

- you haven’t balanced your checkbook in weeks, but your food journal is kept down to every half point. :)

- your WW leader won’t call on you in meetings because she wants somebody else to participate, for once.

- all your friends have become Weight Watchers, and you’ve started your own e-group

- you dare to wear that slinky dress out of the house because it doesn't fit like a sausage casing any more

- store-bought cake with cheap “butter cream” is gross and you don’t finish your courtesy slice at the party.

- you buy a digital scale for your bathroom

- you can ‘eyeball’ an ounce of cheese to the 10th place.

- you are thirsty all the time

- you don’t eat Skinny Cows any more because blueberries are in season...

- if your boss knew how many pee breaks you took you'd not only be fired, you’d owe the company

- the Brita water filter that is supposed to last 3 months lasts 3 days

- your cat hates you because you give him fat-free milk

- you deliberately take the crappiest parking space every day at work

- you develop such incredible bladder control that others can come into the restroom, finish, wash hands, and leave again before you finish

- you drink more water than Niagara Falls.

- you accidentally drink a regular soda and want to freak because you could have spent those points elsewhere

- you have a brand new car and walk to work to earn activity points

- you’ve gone to bed to avoid eating

- you refuse a free lunch because you already planned one

- you eat a whole can of green beans cold with vinegar and enjoy it!

- you once walked a half hour to dinner all dressed up on vacation to earn points

- you can look at others and know how much they weigh

- you won't even eat a TicTac offered to you because those add up

- you drink a full glass of water before eating to slow down the process

- you peeeeeeeeee all day every day!!!!!!!!!!!!

- you go to the movies and don't get anything to eat

- you go to restaurants and often order children portions or appetizers for your meal

- when everybody in your family starts counting their points, too

- when you can't lace your bodice any tighter, but you can still breathe

- when eating over at friend’s place you start to look for the Nutrition List on the bottom of the plate.

- you start to panic when you get down to your last "skinny cow"

- everybody asks, "How did you lose all that weight so fast?"

- you appreciate the benefits of Kashi

- you can't imagine life without your journal

- your Pointsfinder is strapped to your chest

- your husband doesn't want to be home for dinner anymore and is eyeing your dog's juicy steak.

- other people around you feel guilty for the food THEY are eating

- you & your co-worker can just give each other “that look” when a person walks into the room -meaning there might be a candidate for our (WW at Work)

- you wonder how many points your cat is eating.

(for the die-hards) You CALCULATE how many points your cat is eating.