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DISAPPOINTED AT THE SCALE THIS WEEK? Why don't you... cblessum on 8/3/2007
~Switch your plan. If you’ve been following the Flex plan, switch to Core this week, or vice versa.
~Try changing meal frequency. Eat 3 squares or go to 4-6 meals.
~Walk for at least 20 minutes extra on 3 days.
~Cut out alcohol for the whole week.
~Think about your sweet foods and see what you could cut out.
~Use the Tools for Living to get back on track.
~Start counting POINTS from the evening. Make 6:00 P.M. the start of the day. Then you will be clear about the number of POINTS left for breakfast and lunch.
~Split your weekend by starting your week on Saturday night.
~ Work out how many POINTS you have for the whole week.
~Change the time of day when you eat your main meal.
~Replace 3 foods this week with something different.
~Follow a menu plan exactly for at least 3 days.
~Borrow a filled-out Journal from a Member who is losing weight and follow it for a week. (You could promise one of your own for another week.)
~Eat a piece of fruit as soon as you start to feel hungry.
~Eat more fish and chicken and less red meat and cheese (or none at all.)
~Keep a list of things to do when the urge to eat strikes instead of eating until the feeling wears off.
~Plan to unwind this week. Put time aside for some exercise, some relaxation, or just some time for yourself.
~Eat everything in moderation, including your favorite foods.
~Write down why you want to lose weight and what benefits there will be. Then during the meeting tell everyone what you wrote; or you can take a few moments with your leader after the meeting to share what you wrote. (Start off with this reason for losing weight: “Because I’m worth it!”)
~Keep a Journal and show it to your leader at your next meeting.
~Weigh and measure your food for one week to be sure of portion size.
~Attend an extra meeting this week.
~Stay for another Getting Started Session.
~Try the Weight Watchers website and/or etools.
~Pretend it’s Week 1 again and follow the “Eating Wisely” book exactly!


“Nothing tastes as good as thin feels!”