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AT WORK STORY FROM PAULA H. - Thanks Paula! cblessum on 8/3/2007
Over the past few years, MLT has worked
to develop several incentives to support
our employees who wish to improve
their wellness through participation in
the Weight Watchers at Work program.
Weíve invited a couple of WW at
Work members to share their weight
loss journey and hope, if youíve been
considering joining, youíll find their
stories an inspiration to make the move!
After all, what have you got to lose?!

Iím Paula Helseth, an Employee Travel
Coordinator at OPS. I joined Weight
Watchers at Work in April of 2005 and
have lost a total of 55 pounds and am
still going. Have you ever lifted up a 55-
pound bag of dog food?? Heavy, huh?
Iíve found some of the benefits of WW at
Work are that you build relationships with
fellow co-workers that have that same
dream or goal of losing weight. What
works for you may work for someone else
so you share your ideas, recipes and tips.
It is so convenient to have the meeting
right here at work when we all have such
busy lives. You may hear folks say that
itís expensive. The cost can be payroll
deducted. If you didnít spend it here you
would go and spend it elsewhere - why
not spend it on yourself? Something that
is good for you!
The WW at Work program has taught
me that I can lose weight and still enjoy
the foods I love. It is not a diet, but a
healthy lifestyle change. I know that what
I have learned through the WW at Work
program has helped me become aware
of what is healthy and has taught me to
live a much more healthy life. You feel so
much better when you can enjoy life!