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TOP 10 SIGNS YOU MAY BE ON A PLATEAU cblessum on 7/31/2007
10. You've adopted a new theme song for your weight loss journey: The Thrill Is Gone.

9. A 5-Point cookie has suddenly become 3 Points after careful consideration.

8. The last time you exercised was during the Nixon Administration.

7. You have Space Aliens and Pizza Hut on your speed dial.

6. You try to shove your scale into the junk drawer.

5. You've adopted another theme song: Just Eat It

4. The 2 most important men in your life are Ben & Jerry.

3. The last time you stayed for a meeting was when liver was a program requirement.

2. The dryer shrunk your clothes AGAIN.

1. You have enough BLANK weekly trackers to wallpaper your bathroom.